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Dubai modern buildings

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Dubai has been a construction site for many years and still it goes on. That is resulting in a vast collection of modern iconic buildings and some that are well recognised around the world.

Burj al-Arab hotel.
Promoted as a 7 star hotel. Entry to the hotel requires a reservation. A "very smart casual" dress code applies. And the one on all the pictures of Dubai. Built on an artificial island that is just offshore and reaches 321 metres high. The cheapest way to see inside the hotel is to visit the Skyview bar or to take afternoon tea at Sahn Eddar. Jumeirah Road.

Burj Dubai
Once completed this will be the world's tallest building, the final height has not yet been announced and could reach 800 metres. Designed by Adam Smith who used Islamic geometrical shapes and spirals.

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
A pointed white roof set among some artificial hillocks and designed to create the feeling of the white sails of a dhow.

Dusit Dubai
An inverted Y shape with two pillars forming a tapering tower and designed to emulate the traditional Thai greeting for this Thai owned hotel chain.

Emirates Towers
Opened in 2000 and the two towers are both over 300 metres. A triangular ground plan and angular shape make them visually very attractive.

National Bank of Dubai
A sparkling building that overlooks the Creek and designed by Carlos Ott and completed in 1997 and links simple shapes

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
A striking wave design and creates a good visual sight. Jumeirah Road.

World Trade Centre
A beehive like exterior on this old skyscraper built in 1979.

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