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A guide to starting a new life in Dubai

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Starting a new life in another country can be thrilling. For some, however, it may be quite intimidating, particularly if it’s a place they’ve never been to before.

There are so many things you have to consider, and it can give you a headache just thinking about it - especially if you have to take out a personal loan in Dubai to cover your costs.

Many foreigners have chosen Dubai as a place to move to, for work and long-term residency. There are a lot of reasons for this, including the abundance of available work as well as high living standards. This article aims to give you some tips on starting your new life in Dubai. Time to get that loan calculator out!

Apply for work before you leave
You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding work once you’re there, but it’s always best to play it safe and make sure you have secured employment in advance instead of haphazard job-hunting once you’ve arrived.

As a foreigner, you won’t be entitled to unemployment benefits while you’re there; this is another strong reason for getting a job before you arrive.

Dubai has a lot of work opportunities available, given that it is continually expanding and developing its economy. Freelancers should beware, however, as it is intimidating to find work in a new place without any contacts. This applies to wherever you may go.


Go with the flow
Part of the joy of moving overseas is experiencing a culture with a different way of doing things. While process might not be exactly how they were at home, the best thing to do is treat it as a bit of cultural immersion.

Besides, with the sheer number of westerners that make their home among the shining, glass spires of Dubai, going with the flow should be a doddle, and you’ll have plenty of people whose experience and advice you can draw on.


Investigate your healthcare options
Healthcare in Dubai - private and public - is strong. There are a wide range of medical facilities available, but you still should do some research, particularly if you suffer from particular conditions.

The government has recently encouraged people to take out private medical insurance too; most employers should offer this to their employees now.


Think about schools
If you’re moving over with a family, one of your priorities will clearly be checking out what schooling options there are for your children. Generally, the younger they are, the easier it will be to adapt to a new education environment.

For secondary schools, your kids will probably have to have an interview and sit some sort of test. Some employers will include school fees as a part of your wages, so make sure to inquire about what your employer can do for you.

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